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Where I want to be proposed to hahaha lol lol lol 😊😊😃 *Slightly dreaming but hoping it’ll come true 
My makeup collection seems to be getting bigger mmmm
Welcome to my life, welcome to Wonderland ;)
The new look I’ve been sporting lately
I’m back baby! Update on life

Hey there guys, 

Haha! It’s been a long time - about 9 months! So let’s see…

*My best friend has had her baby, which is now my Goddaughter 😄 She is so adorable and I can’t wait to have a little bubba of my own… lol after I travel a little bit more! 😜😝😊

*Me and my boyfriend are doing great! Keep falling in love with him, I won’t go on and on about it but let’s just say we see a future together which is very promising. Love him to the moon and back 😊😊😍💏💗💖💞💑💘💍💍

*Work is okay, got a pay rise! $28 an hour, fuck yeah! 💰💰💰 

*Been overseas! To the Philippines and Singapore, heading back there in January next year. Then heading to Europe (hopefully for 5 weeks) in 2015! 🌏✈✈🌏 

Can’t wait to do this to Sarah’s baby haha XD ❤

So today is hopefully the day. The day Sarah’s baby is due. I’m heading off to the hospital very soon, I’m kind of nervous because I have no clue as where to go. I’m sure I’ll find them.

They’re hoping she’ll give birth around midnight, I’m so excited. An addition to the world, an addition to the Vick Family and an addition to my life - I’m going to be an Aunty soon :D