Remember to smile, it’s contagious, makes you look younger and makes you feel a little better - so SMILE :) 
This is how I see it  ◠‿◠
Not the best picture, but this is my family ❤ They have been so wonderful to me
I miss these days 
Me and my man ❤ at Cape Tribulation 2012
One day I will own a proper piano
Me driving in my car ;P Haha
I am a corset girl, I love how sexy and girly they can be
Loving the Life

Okay just wanted to post this up cause I feel very happy about my life.

❤ my friends especially that one friend who I thought I had lost in High School. We were so close and wondered why we separated. I am so glad you’re in my life again

❤ my family - for the first time in my life I am so happy about this one. Finally gotten close to my mother. We get along so well since I moved out, I often wish I had moved out earlier :’) I am now learning my native tongue and learning cuisines. Proud to be a Filipina

❤ my boyfriend - yes I know it’s early and we’re both scared at having fallen for each other so early in our relationship but that’s how we feel. Only time will tell how this goes but I know I’m in it for the long haul

❤ my job! Omg I realised today how much I love it! Seriously the most rewarding job ever. Plus the pay isn’t bad :P

Basically a few photos which is really ME. Love my hot chocolate, muffins and coffee. Sunsets, sunrises, cities, the beach, water etc.