Day off

Today I have a day off, which is great cause I can relax a little in the morning before heading to work. I’ll only be working 4.5hrs but at least I’m working and making a bit more money than what I did last week.

I need to start saving for the Philippines. Eeekk! Excited much haha :D 

Yesterday my boyfriend managed to pinch a nerve in his neck at work :/ The poor thing! Went over last night and made him dinner, plus just wanted to spend time with him 

Anyway off I go - going to watch Jenna Marbles haha

Peace out! xo

Me being me :) Finally getting over this cold of mine
This use to be my Tumblr. But I deleted because… well I got a little depressed at one stage but I’m back up :)
Finally have someone I can cuddle with and actually know he’s in this for the long haul :) Makes me happy
The main cast of Once Upon A Time dressing up as the famous wizards from Harry Potter. I think this photo is awesome
Pick one! Hope it helps you get out of a sticky situation haha